Effort Recognized, Lessons Learned And Some Link Love… Reviews and Previews Group Writing Project – Reader Submissions

Last week I participated in the ProBlogger-Reviews and Previews Group Writing Project and I have to say it was a great experience. Darren really helps to put the “social” in Social Networking. I have begun to interact with some of the almost 300 people that posted.

One of the suggestions in this project is to share a little “link love”, to possibly put a top 5 or top 10 on your site. I have noticed that some bloggers have done that and I have also noticed that many have just put the entire list.

I will put the list here, and I will put a top ten, but I am also going to do something a little different.

In theme with the “You - Time Person Of The Year”, I will make an effort to individually recognize every single Blogger in the contest. With each Blog that I go to I am learning so much, and so many Ideas are being sparked. I would like to share those Ideas with my readers and recognize you as the source.

Thanks Again to Darren Rowse for putting together such and awesome project.

P.S. In furthering “link love”, please check out my post Refining The Technorati Favorites Exchange.

Update: I didn’t realize how often Darren runs these projects. I found one on list that you might enjoy. Check out the post I Love Lists, for some more great reads.

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