Wait… Never!

In 2006 I planned to begin Tomorrow. Every morning I would wake up, only to find Today.

So I waited.

In 2006 I was frustrated with what I didn’t accomplish Yesterday. I tried to get back, but every morning I would wake up and only find Today.

So I waited.

In 2006 I wanted to know everything before I started. There was always more to learn.

So I waited.

In 2006 I waited for the perfect moment. It was always lacking.

So I waited.

In 2006 I feared change and failure.

So I waited.

At the end of 2006 I realized that Tomorrow and Yesterday are out of my reach. I only have Today. That there will always be more to learn, that the only one perfect moment is now, and fear is powerful when we embrace it.

In 2007.

I stopped waiting.

Rob Moshe
Business and Life Coach


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