29. If You Are Going To Sell A Product. Sell It Well.

This is one of the lessons I learned from my Best Buy experience (based on the post 27. Best Buy? Maybe. Best Service? It’s OK. Best Knowledge? I Think I Hear My Mom Calling..)

As I had mentioned in my Best Buy rant, I wanted the buy an LCD monitor but had a hard time picking one base on display quality because the screen saver program that was running was of very low graphics quality.

This got me thinking, that if you have something that you want to sell, make sure you sell it properly.

If you are selling monitors there are three main things a customer is interested in; overall appearance of the monitor; static graphic quality, and video graphic quality.

Make sure your monitors are on display and in good condition (no fingerprints or scratches), and make sure you have a good program running that lets the customer see how well the monitors work.

Shoe and Car companies that nobody buys unless they first try.

Whatever your product is understand why you customer is going to buy it, and then present it in a manner that best validates the “Why”

Other lessons I learned from my Best Buy fiasco.

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