30. Emphazise Your Strengths. Be Honest About Your Weaknesses.

This is one of the lessons I learned from my Best Buy experience (based on the post 27. Best Buy? Maybe. Best Service? It’s OK. Best Knowledge? I Think I Hear My Mom Calling.)

Best Buy prides themselves on their low prices and no pressure sales service. But, as with most big box stores product knowledge is very limited. This is understandable, when I was in the store I noticed that all the employees had “Team member since 200#” at the bottom of their name tag. Most were 2006 some were 2005 and I only saw one 2004. The store has been around for 5+ years, but most of the staff are new. Big box stores tend to high sales staff turn over. You can’t expect them to know it all.

When investing you can choose from two types of brokerages. Full service or Discount. If you choose full service you pay a higher price per trade but get tons of investment help and advice. If you choose discount you pay a low price, but you’re on your own.

We have a supermarket called No Frills. Product is put out in the boxes they were shipped in on big bulky warehouse type shelves. You put your groceries in empty boxes. If you want a bag it will cost you a nickle. But the prices are cheap.

In both cases you are told that the price is cheap, but keep in mind there are no frills.

I think that in general companies should be conscious of this. Yes they should definitely focus on their strengths, but if they are consciously not going to focus on an area that might be taken for granted by the customer they should be honest about it and let the customers know.

Now I’m not suggesting that this has to be added to the Marketing Campaign. “Best Buy. Great Prices. No Pressure Service. Our Employees think That RAM Is A Male Sheep.”, but they can still crate the awareness, whether it be smaller print on a flyer or staff honesty.

In business, honesty and integrity never go out of style – anon

Other lessons I learned from my Best Buy fiasco.

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29. If You Are Going To Sell A Product. Sell It Well.

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