24. Did I Mention “BACKUP!”

(This is a continuation of my 5 part post  20. I Wanted to Make My Own Mistakes, Until I realized that It Was Much Easier to Let Others Screw Up. )ÂÂ


Ultimately all this chaos would never of happened if I would have just backed up my blog.
Once I brought most of my site back, I backed up, this time I would be prepared. And when I post I back up again. I have learned my lesson, and have already backed up twice today. With the WordPress backup it takes about a minute. I think it is time well spent.

At the end of the day we get so busy and are prone to forgetting about all these important nuances.
If you don’t back up and suffer the dreaded loss, remember all is not lost. Just go through the process.

  1. Call your Host and have them restore a past save.
  2. Speak to Technical Wizards. They are a fountain of knowledge, and are glad to share what they know.
  3. Search the Wayback machine, Google cache and your computers cache
  4. And when all is back to normal….BACKUP



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