21. Often Your Best Resource for Lost Web Data Is Your Host.

(This is a continuation of my 5 part post  20. I Wanted to Make My Own Mistakes, Until I realized that It Was Much Easier to Let Others Screw Up. )ÂÂ

Most Web Hosting services automatically back up their servers on a daily basis, which means your information is regularly backed up by your Host. If for some reason you either loose or change a file, you can request that your host restore that file. Make sure that you let them know where you want the file restored too. I often request that it be put in a separate folder that I create, so I can control what information is going to be replaced. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site, because sometimes even if you loose information, you may still be able to keep the site running, and you don’t want your Host to restore a database with old orders and overwrite the new ones that came in for that day.

Some Hosts to restores for free others have a service fee (My Host for www.label-land.com charges $25 for a restore request). Don’t be too quick to nix a host that charges a fee, they are often much faster with restoring your files (my blog host does the restore for free, and I am still waiting).

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