20. I Wanted to Make My Own Mistakes, Until I realized that It Was Much Easier to Let Others Screw Up.

This post was written after I had experienced the loss of my entire blog.

In my youth I recall having a conversation with my mother. She was trying to give me sound guidance, and try to educate me based on the experiences that she had, and all I could say was “I want to make may own mistakes and learn from them, those were your experiences I want mine.” I was young and foolish. With age I realized something important. If it is something positive/enjoyable/uplifting, experience it for yourself. If it is something negative/uncomfortable/humiliating, then learn from others who went before you, let other peoples screw-ups be your learning tool.

On this note I will suggest that you stop reading this post and go back up your blog/website/computer. I will still be here when you get back.

If you are using WordPress it comes with a backup in the plugins. Just activate the pluging, go to “Manage” then “Backup”, and follow the instructions.

For backing up your website you can download the site onto your computer and burn it onto a cd.

For your computer there is usually backup software in the Accessories or something similar.

Alternatively you can read Martin Cleavers post Amazon S3 + JungleDisk + IBID + Windows + , it has some great information on web based backups.

I’ll wait now……………………..I never noticed that hole in the ceiling………….

Alright now that you have everything backed up, lets continue with all the things I learned from erasing my blog.

You can go in order or choose what interests you.

21. Often Your Best Resource for Lost Web Data Is Your Host.

22. Accessing The Minds Of Technical Wizards.

23. Cache. An Invaluable Internet Currency.

24. Did I Mention “BACKUP!”

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