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Three Ways To Massively Increase Your Profits.

Though there are many ways to grow your business, the best will fall under three categories. 1. Increase Customers/Clients 2. Increase the amount the Customer/Client spends per purchase. 3. Increase the amount of times the Customer/Client purchases over the year. … Continue reading

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Hello 2010 – Beginning On The Right Foot

We resolve. We forget. We resolve. We forget. For as long as people have been celebrating new years, they have been following this same pattern. They make large goals for the year ahead, and then as the exhaustion and hangover … Continue reading

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Are You Defense Strong and Attack Weak?

On Wednesday I was playing Squash (my microcosm for reflective growth). Though he was scoring more points, I was doing a good Job of holding off my opponent. The strange thing was that when I had the serve, the level … Continue reading

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Wise Fathers Series – Transmitting, Receiving And Setting The Foundations For Success

Wise Fathers Series There is a book that I continually read throughout the years. It is a book of sage wisdom that is over 1800 years old. Though the focus in the book is Religious/Spiritual, I have always found that … Continue reading

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