Wise Fathers Series – Transmitting, Receiving And Setting The Foundations For Success

Wise Fathers Series

There is a book that I continually read throughout the years. It is a book of sage wisdom that is over 1800 years old. Though the focus in the book is Religious/Spiritual, I have always found that a “Truth” is a “Truth”. It does not only apply in one specific area of life. It applies across the full spectrum of life and activities.

My hope is to share these insights daily. I hope you enjoy.

Transmitting, Receiving And Setting The Foundations For Success

The Wisdom Is Out There. It Being Transmitted Continually

King Solomon said “There is nothing new under the sun”

When we discover something in the tangible world, it may be new to us, but is was always there. Even when we have a new awareness in the world of thought, again it was already there, its just that we are discovering it for the first time.

Our world and existence is such a great gift. If we are willing to open up our mind and our senses we can learn so much from all that happens around us.

For example. I was thinking about the Butterfly Effect the other day. If it weren’t for the butterfly effect we would be able to predict the whether perfectly. But alas we never know when one of these random variable will pop up to change everything.

What can we learn from this? We are often told by others “I have the perfect system. Do it exactly as I tell you and you will succeed” or we see people having a beautiful relationship and we try to mimic it but don’t get the same results. In our lives there is no such thing as carbon copy, because we are the Butterfly in the equation. In anything that we learn and plan, we have to remember that we are the unique variable that always pops up and have to plan for accordingly.

So if the wisdom is out there how do we receive it?

Take two radios. One from the 50’s and one from the present day. Put them both to the same station. You will notice a massive difference in the quality. But why? They are both receiving the same transmission.

The better the receiver the more clear the transmission.

Lets switch to a water analogy.

What would define a quality container for water?

The container should:

  • Be empty. So it can fully receive the water.
  • Be clean so it doesn’t impart impurities to the water.
  • Be free of cracks or holes, so no water leaks out.
  • Have a wide opening, so it catches all the water.

Now how can this analogy be applied to us?

Be Empty
- If we are to full of our own ideas and fallacies. we wont have any room to learn anything new, to discover the truths of life.

Be Clean- Garbage in garbage out. When we fill our mind and bodies with garbage in the form of unhealthy foods and thoughts, it is almost impossible to find truth. That is a reason why we see so many failed relationships. People watch TV and try to learn how to have a health relationship from the fantasies that Hollywood creates. And even worse there are now reality shows on relationships that revolve around synthetic, shallow people and their relationships.
If you wouldn’t take the contents of a garbage can, blend it and pour it down your throat, why would you do it with your mind?

Free of Cracks an Holes
-This is about overall character. Actions speak louder than words. You want to act in a way that speaks your desire for a more refined and elevated life. Your speech and actions should be of a refined nature, ie. don’t be a boor. When every other sentence has a four letter word, you are announcing to the world that you are not capable of refined thinking, you are seen as a fool. When you treat others in a degrading way, you lower yourself in that eyes of others.

Wide Open – You have to have an open mind to what is happening around you. If you are narrow minded in your thinking you will miss all that the universe has to offer.
“Caution”. Being open minded does not mean trying and thinking about unhealthy things. It means creating an open state of mind that desires to seek the truths of life.

So I’ve searched for wisdom and I have tried to make myself a fitting reciever, what now?

As you gain wisdom and success in life. The greatest gift you can give, is to share it with others.

Truth is often compared to a flame. When you take a candle and light another candle with it, you do not diminish the first flame in any way. The first candle keeps its light and the second candle now has its own light. You could use one candle to light an infinite number of candle and its light would never diminish, and together all those lights would shine as bright as day.

To Recap:

Search For Wisdom

Make Yourself a Fitting Receptacle For Wisdom

Share The Gifts That You Receive

The rest is commentary…..

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