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Procrasti (I’ll Finish the word later)

How are you feeling? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Unfocused? Miserable? You are getting descent sleep and you are eating OK but you just can’t seem to get out of your rut. It could be that your Procrastination List is way to long. … Continue reading

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I’ve Read “Rich Dad. Poor Dad” And Dozens Of Other Success Books. Why Am I Still Poor and Not Successful?

You’ve read so much. “Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill “The Magic of Thinking Big” – David Schwartz “Creating Wealth” – Robert Allen “Unlimited Power” – Anthony Robbins “The Go-Giver” – Bob Burg and John David Mann and so … Continue reading

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Mistakes Made. Lessons Learned. – Reflecting On The Past Week.

This past week I began working on a new project which I am very excited about. It is a site that will be focused on growing the Professional Coaching field. Initially I was going to build it in the framework … Continue reading

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Are You Living Your Life On Auto Pilot? – Becoming Activated

I wrote this post back in October of 2006. It’s amazing the impact getting off autopilot. The off season becomes a time for regrouping and re-energizing, and sometimes even starting new things (I started my Coaching Path in the off … Continue reading

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