Top Four Valentines Day Gifts

This post was written back in 08, but some things never go out of style.

If you are getting ready to read a post about products you can buy for that ‘special someone’ this coming Valentines Day, click back or do another search on Google.

This post is my thoughts on a non or less commercial approach to the day. These gifts are free, and at the same time rare and priceless.

Here are my 4 Top Gifts For Valentines Day.


Though this may seem obvious, given that the theme of the day is expressing your love, it can easily turn into something done out of a sense of obligation. Take some time to prepare for the day. For the rest of the week spend a few moments each day (you don’t have to watch all the commercials) reflecting on your love for that special person. Really build the awareness so when the day arrives your love is truly felt. Be purposeful in directing your love.


When you have that person you love and you are now strongly aware of that love, be sincere in your expression. Don’t buy a last minute gift, or something that you like (ie. superimpose your tastes on them). Take the time to pick something that shows your appreciation of the person, and that you care enough to buy something that is significant to that person (guys, lingerie is not the favored gift). And remember its not how much you spend but what you spend it on. A picture collage of special moments in a simple frame can be more meaningful then a diamond eternity ring (don’t worry she’ll still like the ring)


Unfortunately there may be people that you know that are not on another persons Valentines radar. Every HUMAN being needs to feel loved, respected and valued, and if they are within your range of view they should be able to feel that from you. With this in mind I would like to suggest two things. One, choose a random acquaintance and recognize them on V-Day. Two, it is not possible to recognize everyone so be sensitive to someone that might not have any Valentines. Don’t go around comparing with others what you got, it might make others feel uncomfortable and left out. The day should be the recognition of love between two people, not a “look what great present I got” day.

Compassion and Sensitivity is a great way to express love for your fellow man.


No this doesn’t mean that you should pressure him into marriage or talk about moving in together. Commitment means you show that this expression of love is something more than a one in 365 day event. Love is something that should be expressed on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy him/her presents regularly. It means an ongoing recognition that the person is special in your life.

Ways that you can show love on a regular basis :

  • Greet your partner at the door with a warm smile/hug.
  • Stop what you are doing (watching the game/playing on the computer) and give your full attention.
  • Call in the middle of the day just to say “I love you
  • Buy a nice card just because, and write something sweet (yes you can be sweet)
  • Say I love you (The obvious is often the most missed)
  • Bring home her favorite chocolate
  • Bring home his favorite sports magazine
  • Candle light dinner.
  • Go out on a date (more for married couples)

These are just some of the ideas that I have. Please share some of your own.

As you can see these gifts are not exclusive to Valentines Day, and for those that think that V-day is the only time to express your love and affection, Then you are looking for love in all the wrong places.

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