Getting More Fiber In Your Life


Thought I would try something different in this post.
Usually I try to share an idea (could be read as “opinion) that I have been thinking about. The struggle that I have had with this in the past two years is, as a Coach I don’t give advice, or tell my clients what to do. What I do is facilitate my clients own learning. I help them draw from the vast storehouse of knowledge that dwells in their Mind/Heart/Soul. I ask questions that get them thinking and get them to go deeper.

So how can I balance my blogger idea sharing personal with my coaching persona?

What I want to try in this post is just to share my personal learning that I had today. It is a lesson for me. If it resonates with you great. If not that is perfectly fine. We are all unique.

Now about the Fiber:

Today I had an interesting Squash game. For the past month I have been making a solid effort to eat healthier and exercise more. I had expected that I would see drastic improvements in my Squash game but it didn’t seem to be happening just yet. I thought that my current exercise regime might be a bit taxing on my muscles and as a result effecting my swing. But today I decided to stop focusing on what was not working and instead try to get more positive. I decided to Believe in my ability to win. And you know what…. I lost the next four games.

Positive Mental Attitude = NADA

My lesson to self from the previous day was Get Centered. So I took a moment to center myself and thought a bit about my approach. Then a thought popped into my head. Don’t just believe it in my head, believe it in every fiber of my being.

Positive Mental Attitude In Every Fiber Of My Being = WOW

The next couple of games I was on fire. I went from being clobbered by my opponent to vaporizing him.

The experience was amazing. I could literally feel the energy in every part of my body. Mentally I was insanely alert. My body just flowed and my skin tingled in this incredibly focused state.

As I walked off the court I reflected on the impact of applying this to other areas of my life. The possibilities were endless.

If you have had a similar experience I would love to hear about it.

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