Punctuality. It’s More Than Just A Good Habit.

Just a short note on punctuality. Don’t want anyone to be late because of reading this.

Very often when it comes to being on time for an appointment or meeting, we perceive things from the “me” perspective.

I want to be on time because it shows I’m reliable, efficient and a man of my word.

I don’t want to be late, because he/she/they will think badly of me.

But we can also look at things from the “them” perspective.

When you arrive on time you demonstrate that you respect the other person, and that you value their time. When you’re late, you demonstrate the exact opposite.

As well from if you are in a management/leadership position (parents are leaders too). Remember the adage Lead By Example. You can’t tell others to be punctual when you are not. Show them that their punctuality is important by taking the lead.

A good way to develop the habit of punctuality is to reflect on the times that people have kept you waiting, and what ill effects it caused. Maybe it threw the rest of your day’s meetings off, or it caused you to be late for your child’s baseball game, or you missed your favorite show. Then the next time you have an appointment, take the time to realize how your being late could effect the other person.

In today’s high tech age it is easy to get thrown off. One more cell phone call, or text message, or tweet. Value the time of the people you set appointments with. It will really pay off.

Now hurry up and be on time!


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