If you don’t start, you won’t get anywhere.

I’ve been speaking with peers on different ideas for projects we’d like to begin. For the most part we are all in the same phase of our projects, the procrastination phase.

The hardest part in any task is starting. The difficulty lays it trying to change our set patterns; we are attempting to add something new.

This can be scary, as not many people like to step out of their comfortable routines.

I suggest finding the smallest, easiest task to complete and just do it. After you complete the first task, pick the next task up. Continue this process, and soon you’ll find your project nearing completion and you’ll be doing things that in the beginning you were too afraid to touch.

Accomplishing your goals can be like rolling a snowball down a hill. In the beginning it’s only a tiny snowball, not much to look at, but as you roll it down it begins to grow. Soon it has become so large that it moves on its own momentum. It carries itself.

However, if you don’t take the first step you’ll never get anywhere.

Recent studies have shown that it is far easier to create new habits then it is to try and break old ones. In fact the act of trying to break an old habit causes you to focus on it, which leads to a re-enforcement of the habit. Better to focus on something totally different.

Take action now!

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