A Twist On The #FollowFriday Tweet.

A few days after I first came on the Twitter scene, I became aware of #FollowFriday. What a great Idea, or so I had thought. I’m sure that when it has started off it was a great way to recommend fellow tweeters, but with the advent of #FollowFriday generators and general abuse of its essence, it has begun to lose its luster. Now it is an opportunity for you to have a moment of elation before you realize that it is a computer program that is recommending the follow.

So I’d Like to Share with you a Four step process for giving compliments in general that you might apply to your #FollowFriday tweets.

When you are going to recognize someone for the gifts and strengths that lie within them the last thing you want to say is:

Your doing a good job


You look nice.

When people here statements like that, they immediately shut you out. They feel you are being totally prefabricated.

When it comes to a compliment you need Four Elements. Be ; Sincere, Specific, Succinct, Generous

Be Sincere – Make sure your compliment is for the purpose of recognizing the strengths in the other person. This in not about how they make you feel, its about the greatness you want to acknowledge in them.

Be Specific – What is it that they did? What strengths did they use? What impact have they made? Being specific shows that you took the time to notice who they “BE”

Be Succinct – Bottom line it. There is know need for a big foot shuffling introduction. Get right to what is most important to they person, the positive acknowledgment that they (and everyone else in the world) hunger for

Be Generous – The more time you spend looking for opportunities to compliment others, the more happy and productive they will become. As an added benefit the people that you lift up through your generosity of words will in turn want to carry you higher as well.

So My Twist For #Follow Friday

  • Pic 2-5 tweeters that you Sincerely want to recommend today.
  • Take the time to really share with others Specifically what you like about the tweeter.
  • Succinct?? Well you have 140 character spaces, less the username. So make sure you don’t try to do more than one # follow Friday at a time.
  • Generous? The more you selflessly give the more you will ultimately receive.

Have a great weekend.

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