Do You Belive In Magic ?

When’s the last time you saw a magician and thought to yourself “Whoa. He must have super natural powers!”

Most likely part of your might mind was thinking “Cool” and the other was thinking “What tool and slight of hand did the magician employ?

To the magician there is no magic. He knows exactly what is happening. He uses his knowledge of technology, physics and human understanding to perform the trick.

So to in life, we may look at someones success and think there is an element of magic or luck in it. Especially when we feel that we should have more success than the person we are evaluating.

But in most cases there is no magic or luck there either. The successful person has been able to optimize their G-d given talents to move forward in their life.

What’s holding you back from your success is the inability to recognize your personal “Bag of Tricks”.

In coaching clients I so often here statements like;

  • I never recognized that in myself.
  • You’re right. I have accomplished a lot in my life so far.
  • Oh yeah I forgot about that time.
  • I don’t know what I am good at.
  • Yeah. I do have that going for me.
  • I guess I do have many strengths.

One of my favorite processes to help clients to reconnect with their strength is to have them share a “Freeze Frame” in their life when they felt they were completely in The Zone.
As the client tells me about the Frame, I listen for their strengths and values, I also ask the client to share what they thought some of the strengths they used at the time were.

It is rewarding to see the clients begin to brighten up when they begin to realize that they have the ability to accomplish so much more.

When you begin to realize the strengths and gifts that lie within, you will begin to move in a new direction, a place were what in the past seemed impossible, is now fully attainable.
You will begin to truly believe in magic. The magic that is you.

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