Enhance Productivity. Be Honest With Yourself When Procrastinating.

Have you ever gotten to the end of a very busy day wondering why you feel like you didn’t accomplish much?
Its quite possible that instead of being productive with your day, you filled it with time waster after time waster.

Now you might be thinking that you didn’t waste much time today. You didn’t chat with friends, watch TV or YouTube vids. You didn’t even check travel information for that trip you want to go on, or check Craigslist for that elliptical that you have been trying to get at a good price. Infact you feel that you have been pretty work focused all day.

That may be so, but the question is, was your work related activity part of being productive or procrastinating?

How many times did you check your:

  • Email?
  • Twitter/Facebook/Squidoo/etc?
  • Stock/investment portfolios?
  • Affiliate programs to see if you have gotten any new affiliate or commissions?
  • Newsletter sign up page.

How about watching a informational work related video, or reading some work related post/blogs, when it is not part of your current objective?

How about writing a “useful” post, when you should be working on another task that you have set for yourself? – (OK this one is directed at me personally.. I really should get back to work now.)

Throughout the day it is worthwhile to check in with yourself. Make sure you are on task, and honestly evaluate whether your current activity is task related or just procrastination.

Remember procrastinating, will never lead to success. It will just have you jumping all over the place without focus and proper direction.

Well on that note. I best get back on task or else……

Have a Stupendous Weekend,


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