I like winning.

I work hard. I play harder. And in general I try to do my best in all that I pursue.

About 3 weeks ago I started recommending a Free E-book on attraction marketing. At the time I started recommending it, I didn’t even know there was a contest attached to it. Well I looked at the top 100 and lo and behold I was in 34th place. That was pretty cool. I figured if I was more than half way there, I might as well shoot for a prize.

So I wrote a post:

Would You Like A Chance To Win One Of These Prizes.

The essence of the post is:

I think this is a great ebook.
I want to be in the top 10.
If I win You can have the prize.

I don’t care for the prize I just want to reach a goal. And one of those prizes is a Mercedes.

Well Thanks to everyones help I am now in 8th place. And now that I’m in 8th I want to go for 1st.

So I am asking for everyones help, but to make it more fun I am going to turn it into a Contest.

Contest ends today at 11:59pm EST

There will be 32 prizes.

2 prizes – $25 gift certificate (from

30 prizes – 1hr coaching session ($200)

  • This coaching is about YOU. Whatever you want to focus on. Business, Life, Relationships, Weight.

All you have to do is download the Free Ebook from my link

You don’t even have to read it, but if you are building or thinking of building a business you might be missing out on some great strategies.

I was a relative newbie a month ago and now:

  • Over 10,000 follower (you might be one of them)
  • Traffic to my blog (you are part of the traffic)
  • Increased presence on other social sites
  • My own YouTube and Metacafe videos
  • Massively increased sales on my partners label site in the past 5 days (

The contest will end tonight (March 23, 2009) at 11:59pm EST

Again All you have to do is request the free download from my link

Good Luck

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