What’s Your Favorite Movie?

About You?

I bet you didn’t see that coming.
You were about to say “Ferris Bueller” or “Shawshank Redemption” or maybe “Star Wars”.

Thought we can connect and be inspired by watching movies on the screen, they are no where near as impacting as the movie about you that you play constantly inside your head.

What is your movie about?

Is it about a courageous adventurer who takes on the greatest of challenges and succeeds?

Is it about a loving parent that supports and cheers her special family in all their moments?


Is it about a defeated hero that just cant seem to get it right?

Is it about a man who can never communicate well with women?

The daily life choices that we make are impacted by the movies that go
on inside our heads. If you movie is about a person that is afraid to
take chances. Any time a great opportunity with any risk comes up, that
you know will improve your life in so many ways, your movie reminds you
that you don’t take chances this is not for someone like you. So you
pass on the opportunity.

If your movie is about an inability to communicate, then each time you
meet a person your belief in that move forces you to physically and
verbally botch up.

What’s your movie?

Take your time. Think about it. See it. Feel it.

Questions from the Coach:

How does this movie serve you? Does it help or hinder you?

Who wrote/produced the movie? If your answer is any person other than yourself, keep reflecting.

Who can edit/re-write/re-produce the movie?

What is the first change you need to make in your movie?

How will the changes impact your life?

Once you have re-produced your movie you need to be conscious of playing it over and over again. The original is still there playing subconsciously. You need to play the new movie over and over again until it overwrites the old one.

Move over Steven Spielberg. The greatest movie is about to be made. And its YOURS

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