Daily Q – What Is The Fear That Is Holding Your Back?

When we hear the saying “No Pain. No Gain.” we probably think of someone doing that last set on the bench press or running that last 100 meters of a 5 km run. It’s all about getting in physical shape, right. Wrong.

Any time we step our of where we are and move towards were we want to be, we may begin to experience a sense of pain. It may be physical if we are trying to build our muscles, but it can also be emotional or intellectual. A person who tries to jump from a two story diving board for the first time. In his mind he knows that it is no big deal, he knows how to swim, he’s going to jump feet first, the life guards are around. His intellect tells him it’s perfectly safe, his emotional fear paralyzes him and he can’t even move another step. Or a person knows in her heart that he is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, but her mind comes up with all sorts of reasons that it wont work and inevitably it falls apart.

The person that works through the pain will build muscle, the diver who overcomes his fear will enjoy the rush of a two story jump, and the woman who listens to her heart will find true love.

But to reach this point we have to move through our fears through our resistance, only then can we realize the euphoria of success.

What is your resistance? What is the fear that is holding you back from success?ÂÂ

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