There is a incredibly sophisticated media company out there. It runs 24/7, it broadcasts audio, video and text, and anyone in proximity to the transmission has no choice but to tune in. The amazing thing is that one person runs the entire show. That person, is the producer, marketer, DJ, VJ, and administrator at the same time. And even more amazing is the seamless effort this person has in running the media company. That person is you and the media company is YOU.

With out being conscious of it we are continually broadcasting our persona to the world. Whether we are happy or sad, poor or wealthy, the people we interact with consciously or unconsciously tune into and get caught up in the action/comedy/drama of our life.

Have you ever noticed how when you start your day off on the wrong foot, everyone around you seems to be a grump, or how you think about a person when you see them dressed to the nines or dressed like a gangster.

This is not only limited to our speaking and our appearance, as bloggers we are also broadcasting our persona through text. And our readers know that when our work is quality we are in the right state of mind.

Knowing that this is happening gives can give you an edge in your interpersonal interaction. If you are about to have a job interview and you are really nervous. Stand in front of a mirror, give your self your most confident smile, stand tall and confident, and cheer yourself on. Do this until the nervousness is gone and you will see an amazing difference in your interview.
If you are coming home from a lousy day at the office, be aware of it, to prevent strife in the home. Stay outside for a few minutes and reflect on the bigger picture. Focus on the things in your life that you are grateful for, that bring you joy. Then when you feel the frustration leave you, go inside and enjoy the warmth of your family.

One of the blogs I read in the ProBlogger Group Writing Project was The Engaging Brand by Anna Farmery. She is a “Help You and Your Company Be The Best” consultant. You can feel the excitement and enthusiasm of her persona through her writing.

One of her post that I enjoyed very much was Hospital Thoughts, which shows the effects of our personal broadcasting systems on the heath and wellbeing of the people around us.

After you read that post keep on reading. I know I will.

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