Is It How You End, Or How You Begin?

For some the year is coming to a close, for others the new year has already begun. What was your focus as 2006 came to an end? Was it how you spent the past year, how you were going to party New Years eve, or how you are going to approach the year ahead? Maybe a combination of all three.

Though reflecting on the previous year can be insightful, and planning the year ahead can help us know where we want to go, it is the actions of NOW that will ultimately define were we are going.

As we live our moments, so we live our days. As we live our days so we live our years. As we live our years, so we live our LIFE. The actions you take today will define who you are tomorrow.

Many cultures approach their New Year in different way. There is an ancient culture that believes that how you treat the first day of the year is how the rest of your year will be. On their New Year, they don’t sleep in, they don’t laze around, and they don’t have a hangover. They spend the day building their relationships, learning about who they are and what they need to do. They try to have positive thoughts and positive actions. They set the proper foundation for the year ahead.

Maybe this is something we can incorporate in to our New Years? We had a good time last night and we are looking forward to a chill day today. But maybe we can begin to lay the foundations of the year ahead.
If you want to get in shape this year, do ten push-ups and sit-ups TODAY.

If you want to improve your finances read a book or blog on success for five minutes TODAY.

If you want to improve your relationship spend quality time (turn of the TV) with the person you love TODAY.

Set the foundations of tomorrow, TODAY.

I am looking forward to sharing the journey of personal and professional success in the coming year. To see our purpose realized. To help us reach our best selves.

May you see much success, health and happiness in the coming year.
Lets Begin… TODAY

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