An Insane Commitment To Success.

I wrote this post on another blog that is not really getting developed so extensively so I thought I would bring it over here

It’s 3:40am on a Friday morning. And I am a little on the tired side. I was finishing up some orders that I want to get out today, and I was just about to shut down my computer when I realized that I didn’t blog today. You might be thinking “Come on its 4 am and you need to get some sleep, you’ve worked enough for today, you’ll blog tomorrow”.ÂÂ

I agree I think it would have been OK to carry over till tomorrow, I did work a lot today. But. I made a commitment to myself. I decided I would blog at least once preferably twice a day. To become a success you have to not only remove the procrastination habit, you also have to be insanely committed to your success. Set goals and stick to them. Go the extra mile in all that you do. As we learn from the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. A slow but persistent Tortoise will be a fast but procrastinating Hare.ÂÂ

I was almost obsessive in building the Iron on label business. I would pull a few all nighters a week in order to implement my business building strategies and keep up with the processing of the orders. Put an end to procrastination in all that you do.ÂÂ

The best weapon against procrastination is action. Start with something small and manageable and make a commitment (Put it in writing) to accomplishing it. Soon you will see that your habit of procrastinating will weaken and disappear and you will become the person that “Gets Things Done”. Good Night (or should I say Good Morning)ÂÂ

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