Why Are You Thinking About Pink Elephants?

You weren’t thinking about them a minute ago. But now you can’t stop. OK now you can stop thinking of pink elephants. No really stop thinking about it. NO MORE PINK ELEPHANTS. OK I’ll fix it just think of a purple cow. You see problem solved.

This purpose of this was to show that what you focus on will stay stuck in your mind. If you spent a whole week thinking about pink elephants, you would soon start seeing them in every thought. You would count sheep at night and pink elephants would keep jumping in.

It is so important to focus on the right things. If you want to make more money don’t focus on being poor. If you want to find that perfect someone, don’t focus on being alone.

When you send your brain a message it tries to execute it properly. If your bank account has $50 in it, and you tell your brain you have $10,000 in your bank account, it will begin to work on ways to make it happen. If instead you focus on the fact that you are broke, your brain will accommodate you there too. To your messaging and execution center (brain) it makes no difference if you are rich or poor, fat or skinny, It just wants to follow your instructions.

In the ProBlogger writing project I found a blog The Fibromyalgia Experiment by Sarakastic. Sarakastic is a superstar of focusing on the right things. Many a person dealing with similar health challenges, will just give up and whine about their misfortunes. Sarakastic focuses on achievement, success and freedom. You can learn a lot from her.

I would start with reading her post Why I won “Times Person of the Year” and keep on going.

Think about where you want to be, make it the one recurring thought in your mind, and don’t stop thinking about it until you are there.

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