Gifts For The Holidays. Small, Personal And Meaningful.

Here are some Ideas for the holidays, that will not take a bite out of your pocket book.

The Under $10 rule.

Institute the family rule that you can’t spend more than $10 on a gift. This will force creativity and thoughtfulness, because 5 chocolate bars and two bottles of Coke just wont cut it.

Here are some Ideas I found on the web.

  • Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup
  • Child’s artwork, framed
  • Journal with special inscription inside
  • Teacup with box of herbal tea
  • Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar
  • Collage of special photos
  • Gel pens and pretty stationary
  • Bottle of sparkling cider
  • Home baked bread, include recipe
  • Basket filled with deli cheese and fruit
  • Holiday serving bowl or platter
  • Pretty basket filled with special jams or mustards
  • Decorative napkins and napkin rings
  • Fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon
  • Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds
  • Photo album, hand decorated is even better
  • Homemade cookie mix with instructions for baking
  • Variety of bread mixes
  • Special coffee cup filled with candy
  • Fancy magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon.
  • Gourmet popcorn and flavored oil
  • Locally made barbecue or steak sauce with basting brush
  • Movie theater gift certificates
  • Note cards and book of stamps
  • Picture frames, buy them on sale!
  • Specialty cookbook
  • Pretty glass jar filled with candy
  • Collectible sports cards
  • Muffin mixes with muffin pan
  • Books, there are still a few for under $10
  • Basket filled with kitchen gadgets
  • Video rental gift certificates
  • Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns
  • Handwritten copies of your favorite recipes
  • Prepaid long distance phone cards
  • Pretty box for keepsakes
  • Puzzles
  • Favorite quote embroidered on a nice handkerchief
  • Special soaps and bath puff
  • Home baked cookies!

Make it.

I was at my friend Eric’s (check out his photo blog) house, for a party he was making for his wife. He made a beautiful present for his wife. He made a bouquet of pictures. Eric took TIME (often more valuable than money) and glued small family pictures to the end of long sticks and placed them in a vase. Beautiful, inexpensive, very meaningful.

I found this web site and it has a lot of ideas. Ruby Glen


Donate It.

Honor the ones you love by being a giver. There are people in the world that have lost their homes and family, they don’t have a change of clothes and haven’t eaten a proper meal in a month. Why not teach what holiday are really about, a time to cherish our friendships and care about the world around us. You can even make it more meaningful by buying some inexpensive frames and printing up certificates on the computer. A 10 year old will soon forget about a Nintendo Wii, but when he is getting ready to go off to college and finds that certificate, his heart will smile.

Problogger has suggested a few charities.

  • Oxfam Unwrapped - gifts that help people in poverty around the world
  • Tear Australia’s Very Useful Gift Catalogue – similar to Oxfam’s
  • Heifer’s Meaningful Gifts – similar again
  • Ask your local community center, they are sure to have a list of worthy Charities.


    It’s easy to spend money. It takes effort to show you care.

    Enjoy the holiday season.

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