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A Coaches Smile

As I share with you in this video. I am focusing on helping fellow coaches grow a successful practice. Please connect with me so we can grow together through the sharing of ideas and experiences. You can sign up for … Continue reading

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It Just Slipped Away From Me.

When it comes to running your business that can be a deadly term. So often as a business owner you try to grow your business as fast as possible. You work crazy hours and push yourself hard in the hopes … Continue reading

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Just Because It’s Your Reality Doesn’t Mean Its The Truth

The Earth Is Flat – Wrong A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.” —NY Times, 1936 – Wrong Fruit Flies have a life span of 24hrs – Wrong The moon is made from green cheese – … Continue reading

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How To Create Your Own Money Machine

I cant emphasize the importance of Action enough, specifically effective action. One of the areas that we spend time with our clients on is creating a solid action plan for them to create a successful and growing business. Below is … Continue reading

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