It Just Slipped Away From Me.

When it comes to running your business that can be a deadly term.

So often as a business owner you try to grow your business as fast as possible. You work crazy hours and push yourself hard in the hopes of rapid success. But more often that not, without a clear vision and strategy, without defined systems and project things begin to get dropped. If you are working alone it means a growing pile of unfinished tasks, projects and objectives that can become overwhelming and lead to self defeat. If you are working with a team, letting things slip away from you can have two. One you show that you are a leader that does not follow through on your commitments to the business. Two, your employees can develop negative habits that can impact the forward movement in your business. For example. If you make a rule that all calls are responded to within 24 hrs and then you don’t respond to your teams or a customers call within that time frame you send the message that you don’t really believe that rule is important. Or if your employee does not return a customers call within 24hrs and you don’t say anything about it, your message in their mind is that its really not so important to you and soon your customers with be going days and weeks without being replied to, and then your competitors with pick them up because of a higher level of customer service.

Don’t Let Things Slip Away From You.

When you make a rule or set a standard for your business make sure you show your commitment to it. When an employee drops the ball make sure you pick it up and hand it back to them. Let them know you care about the rule and you are going to ensure it is followed.

Remember as the Captain of your ship. If you let things slip away sooner or later your business will smash into the rocks and sink into the abyss of failed businesses.

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