200 Million Contacts. How Many Do You Have?

One of the more popular discussions/advertisings that you see on the social networks is followings.

I have 5000 friends (FaceBook)

I have 50,000 followers (twitter)

I have 2 million connections (LinkedIn)

Yada, Yada, Yada.

Well I just discovered that I have 200,000,000 contacts. Yes you read that right 200 million. Don’t believe me here is the link http://bit.ly/156jzx


The reality is that for 99.999999999% of you, your list is has about as much value as the white pages.

If you have built your list using list generating tools or by just randomly friending and accepting everyone as friends, realize that those people are probably doing the same.

As well as a result of these reckless, meaningless list building technique you end up spending your time reading advertisements for list building, mlm and sex. Talk about real value.

Good Friends Are Like Diamonds. Hard to find. Precious. And Extremely Valuable.


Prior to the invention of the Internet we did not try and create thousands upon thousands of meaningless relationships. We worked hard and tried to cultivate deep, long lasting connections with a few people.

So why are we doing the total opposite on-line?

Your argument might be that you are trying to build a business and you need more contacts so you can make more money.

How is that working for you so far?

Let me show you the power of the Core 100

Lest take a look at Bill and John. Bill has 100,000 twitter followers/following that he got by using various list building tools. John has 100 followers/following that he spent a year cultivating solid relationships based on values, vision and conversation.

On a daily basis Bill has 10,000 tweets to read through. The truth is that most of those tweets are spam and because there are so many garbage tweets even if there is a conversation worth getting involved in, Bill ends up not seeing it. As well when Bill sends a tweet, no one reads it because the followers are either inundated with spam tweets and miss his, or he is just tweeting to a bunch of followers that are spammers set up with auto tweet and auto respond.

John on the other hand never gets a spam tweet and if there is a tweet from those he is following he knows that there will be some value there. As well when he tweets he knows he is going to be read and responded to because his followers are people that know him and want to be connected.

A Product Of Value.

Bill and John both have a quality product that people would find beneficial.

Bill and John each put together a website to market and sell the product. The price of the product is $10

Bill goes to his twitter account and sends a tweet, excited by the amount of money he is going to make if even 10% of his followers buy. But as you guessed he doesn’t make a single sale. In fact the analytics show that only 3 people came to his web page. Needless to say Bill gives up.

Now John tweets to his followers. Remember these are people that have a relationship with him and trust him. The majority of is followers check out the site and 50% buy because it is something they can use.

50 buyers at $10 = $500

But it doesn’t stop there.

Because John’s followers are real relationships, they want to help him further and those 100 RT John to their 100 and John gets a 25% return in sales from that tweet.


John’s 100 Followers Tweet their 100 followers (100 x 100) = 10,000

25% buy (2500 x $10) = $25,000


It Doesn’t stop there.

John continues to get RT by the next level and the next level, he also generates leads from the people that buy and benefit from his product.

I think you get the picture.

Deep down you know that the model that Bill used is a waste of time, but it is so easy to do. So you try and hope that for you it will work.

Here’s the amazing thing. With a bit of planning and some consistent effort you can achieve success that can even surpass John.

If you would like to take your business towards real success. I would be glad to spend 30 min with you on Skype to help you get the ball rolling.

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