The Daily Q. – What Are Your Daily Habits, Good or Bad?

We are creatures of habit. Any act we repeat multiple times becomes a habit. Because we are habitual, we tend to go on autopilt in many aspects of our lives, and rarely pay attention two the habits we develop.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes observed, “We all need an education in the obvious.”

This Daily Question requires an Action.

Write a detailed list of how you go through an average day.

  • Which foot touches the floor first?
  • Do you wash your face first, or brush your teeth?
  • Do you eat the same breakfast or mix it up?
  • What route do you take to work?
  • Email first or Voice mail?
  • When you get home do you ask others about their day before or after you turn on the TV?

After you have listed your day, become aware of all your habits. Next, pick out the good habits(the ones you want to keep) and the bad habits (the ones you want to remove).

Now that you have the awareness what is next?

That will be found in my 5 day series on breaking habits.

Stay Tuned

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