Take It Easy. After You Took It Easy.

Since I’ve been back from vacation I have hardly posted. I have a number of post in the working, but none seem to be expressing my thoughts properly. It’s not so much “Posters Block” as it is word and structure block.

If an athlete takes a two week break from physical regime, when they return they will find that they are not at the peak that they were two weeks prior. And to return to that peak they have to take things easy for a few days and begin the process of reconditioning them selves.

As the saying goes; “If you don’t use it you loose it”.

This holds true in all things, whether physical, intellectual, or emotional. And when it has been lost, you have to take it easy and recondition yourself. Part of that process is realizing that you will not be able to just continue at the same peak you left off at.

For me too, I realize that for a few days my posts wont be up to the quality that I had 2-3 weeks ago. Though I do know that by the end of next week I will be better than I was before I took my vacation.

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