Do You Have A Financial Plan?

Another Blog Review from the Problogger Writing Project.


Ask the average person if they hope to be financially secure when they retire, and they will tell you yes. Ask them what their plan is and you will get the bovine stare.

We want to have financial freedom when we retire but we forget that it is something that requires time and planning.

When you decide that next year you want to go on vacation, you begin to plan and save. Whether you like it or not you are eventually going to take the vacation called retirement, and if you don’t plan and save you will end up riding in cargo.

Free Money Finance is a wealth of financial information. I don’t know who the author of the blog is, but he seems to be very capable of gathering extensive information to help enhance your Financial IQ.

As a starter I would recommend to posts

How to make your first million


Financial Planning for Young Families: Start Now

They both cover the very important areas of goal setting and planning to reach you goals.

My only recommendation to the author of the site, would be to add a search box in the top right hand corner. There is so much to go through and this would be very helpful.


If you fail to plan. Plan to fail.

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