To Live Your Best Life, Plan To Die

When will you Die?

A Question than many of ask, but none know the answer to. But in that question lies the key to living a powerful life.

We are so busy going through life doing the things that we are already doing, and we can’t seem to find the time to make course adjustments. We plan to “get to it” eventually but that day never seems to come. We imagine that when our days near their end that we will begin to focus on the important thing.

How sad that we spend our lives in chaos only to plan to live our best life when we’re to old and frail to live it.

As you live your days, so you live your weeks, so you live your months, so you live your years, so you live your life.

Plan to Die. This is not a suggestion to spend your time in cultish death rituals, but to give yourself a wakeup call to action. Life is short its time to live.

I would like to recommend a 3 step strategy to activate you to your fullest life.

1. Tomorrow You will Die – What would you do if today were your last day on earth. Who would you say sorry to? Who would you hug? Who would you express your love? What guidance would you give?

This will help you to realize your core values, what you central focus in live is all about.

2. Next week / Next month you will Die. – Are you going to travel some where, build something, complete that life defining project.

This will help you realize what some of your dreams are, the things that given a 168 hours / 4 weeks till you die you would dedicate all your energy to accomplishing them.

3. Next year you will die. – Will you stay at your present job? If you do what sort of energy will you put into it. What will you set as your goals to accomplish for this year? Work? Family? Friends? Community?

A year is a long time, 61,320 hours to be exact this is where you define those broad goals where you core values are expressed through your everyday living.

When you see what matters most, begin to take action live your days fully. Review this process monthly. You will see that though many values and goals will stay the same, many will change.

As time passes you will realize a life that is truly monumental.

Time is fleeting, we don’t know when our end will come, use that awareness to spur you to your greatest life.

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