Pictures of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair. The Power of Hype

In the not so important news today. Vanity Fair has exclusive pictures of Suri Cruise, Daughter of Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes. No just a couple of pages, no no no, we need to take up 22 pages. Just incase you are not sure what she looks like after the first few pictures. Ooo maybe there will be some nice wallet size pictures so we can keep one hand to show to our friends, and maybe give the others to our parents and grandparents. Have we fallen so far?ÂÂ

As the saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”.ÂÂ

I think two things can come out of this.ÂÂ

One is a personal growth moment. We can ask ourselves are we really valuing the right things? Why is seeing pictures of some baby who I don’t know, doesn’t know me, whom I will never meet, matter to me. Maybe I should be getting this excited about my own children/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. Am I wasting to much time on sensational stupidities?ÂÂ

The second thing we can learn is the power of Hype. Imagine if after Suri was born Tom and Katie would have all the reporters over snapping pictures of her. Pictures would get published, people would smile say cut/ugly kid, and move on. Instead for months there has been an air of mystery about Suri. No details, no comments, no pictures. Those who hunger for meaningless things were probably loosing sleep over not being able to see a picture of here. Along comes Vanity fair and says will pay you a nice sum of money for a photo shoot, because we know Suri will sell issues. DEAL!ÂÂ

Tom cruise didn’t become a wealthy actor by being stupid, he knows how to make a buck. If the movie preview was a two hour commercial, no one would pay to see the movie. That why some of the best previews are 30 seconds. Just enough to get you interested, so you will spend the money to see the rest.ÂÂ

Sad but true at the end of the day it would seem that Suri goes to the highest bidder.ÂÂ

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