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Eat, Sleep, Touch Your Toes And Be Merry

This is going to be a group reflective post. Its less about my opinion and more about your thoughts. I want to know what you think your life would look like if you consistently: Ate healthy. Got your required amount … Continue reading

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An Ebook Worth The Read

In January of 2008, while doing some research for a consulting gig, I happened upon Ann Seig’s The Renegade Network Marketer. The ebook was $67 and came with a money back guarantee. Though not a network marketer myself I found … Continue reading

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Are You Defense Strong and Attack Weak?

On Wednesday I was playing Squash (my microcosm for reflective growth). Though he was scoring more points, I was doing a good Job of holding off my opponent. The strange thing was that when I had the serve, the level … Continue reading

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Help Me Finish Coaching School

I am in the last phase of my Professional Coaching Program at Adler International Learning, and my program ends very soon. Due to family demands, I’ve fallen behind on my coaching assignments and must do a substantial amount of coaching … Continue reading

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