Goal Post – Setting Your Goals In 2010

goal post

  1. (sports) Either of the pair of vertical supports limiting the goal in various ballgames, such as soccer, rugby and American football.

Imagine being invited to play a game of soccer. It is your first time playing, you have never seen a soccer field, and you don’t know the rules. You come on to a big field and the only noticeable marking is a big white rectangle on the grass.

You are separated into two teams and you are told kick the ball around and try to score a goal on the other team.

What would your primary question be?

Where Is The Goal?

So often we step on to the field of life and we never define the goal.

What are your Goal Posts?

The more clearly you can define your goals the more likely your chance of scoring.

Here are six questions to reflect on when clearly defining your goal.

1. What is your desired outcome? – Focus on positive outcome, what you want to be, have or do.

2. What will accomplishing the goal do for you? – What will the benefits be, how will you feel when you accomplish?

3. What is its end point? – This is critical. Set your time frame for the completion of your goal.

4. What are the steps required? – Break it down into a manageable process.

5. What is your first action? – From question #4 choose your first step and decide when you will do it.

6. What is your reward? – Set a reward that will really help motivate you.

After you have gone through this process feel free to share your goal here. When you share your goal with others it also helps hold you accountable.

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