Have You Hired A GhostMe Yet?

The following post is geared to Entrepreneurs, but can be adapted for many other situations

Recently I realized a truly amazing thing.
I don’t have to work on so many different things when it comes to the building and running of my businesses. But even better than that. While I’m focusing all my business energy on what I am truly passionate about (Professional Coaching and Envisioning New Business Ventures), I can make it seem like I am working on the many components of my businesses.

How did I do it? I hired a GhostMe.

You see for the past year I had wanted to work on an Attraction Marketing Project. I wanted to test a certain training product and see if I could duplicate the process in order to help others in my community create their own means of supporting their family.

The problem was that I had so many other things on the go; Two businesses, two community board positions, fund raising for an educational institution overseas, taking responsibility for a young man I was big brothering, giving a religious class once a week to students and finishing of a two year training program in my current profession, plus about four other things on top of that.

As you can see taking on anything new was not an option. In fact in the past two months I drastically cut back on many things myself (see Juggling Shouldn’t Be a Lifestyle). So taking on something new was not on the 12 month todo list.

Serendipitously a friend, a bright young man who was looking to start creating a livelihood for himself, asked if I could help him find some work. I tried to make a few connections, but it wasn’t what he was looking for.
Then it hit me. What if he worked on the Attraction Marketing project as me.

I new that if I would put 5hrs a day and test it over a three month period I would be able to evaluate if this was something worth moving forward on. I also believed that the potential for it working was quite high. So to have this young man go through the process for a minimal investment ($3000 plus commissions for three months work) was well worth it.

I set the process in motion and explained that G.M. would go through the entire system, and would continually give me a summary of what he had learned. On top of that anything that had to be published online would be put in my name (classic ghost writing) and any audio or video would be done by me with G.M. writing the script and setting everything up.

So far it is working great, my presence online is starting to grow, but I am freed up to do what I love, Coaching others to their own personal greatness and thinking outside the box.

Now you might not feel so comfortable with this idea, you might think that there is an element of phoniness to it.

Let me help you with an example. When I say the name Henry Ford what comes to mind?
For most the answer is the inventor of the automobile. But that is not true.

Henry Ford did not invent the car. Ford envisioned, cars being mass produced on assembly lines. Ford was a visionary thinker and had the ability to find the people who could get the job done. He guided others to help realize his vision.

So what does this mean for you moving forward?

First here are a few questions yo can ask yourself:

What are my top 3 strengths?
What am I truly good at?
What is it that makes me unique in my abilities?
What is my true passion?
Where would I love to focus all my energy?

When you have answered these questions then the next thing you need to ask your self. What still needs to be done to make my business/vision a success. When you have the list find the GhostMe that can fulfill those tasks for you.

And remember to value your time properly. If you feel that your time is worth $100/hr and you can have a GhostMe work for you at $20/hr, don’t think that means that you are only making $80/hr now. It means that you are freeing your time up so you can focus on earning an additional $100.

Remember to succeed you do not have to do and be everything. Just make sure it gets done.

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