You’re A LOSER. Here’s Why.

No. You’re not a loser.

This title was a test. I am advertising on a feed that just shows titles. I was curious to see what attracts people to read a post. If you can please leave a comment expressing your reactions to the title and why it drew you to the site, it would be appreciated.

While were on the subject of being a loser, maybe I can share a thought. A person sometimes feels like a loser for two primary reasons. One is because he mistakenly judges himself based on the status of others, and two because people treated him in such a way that made him feel degraded and worthless.

If you have pegged yourself as a loser through your own mistaken perceptions, STOP. In one way or another you have value to share with the world. We are not meant to be the same as everyone else, you have something unique within you that no other person in the world has. If you spend your life being down on yourself you might end up leaving this world without adding your part to it, and as such we will be incomplete.

If you have been degraded by others, know that they only due this due to their own insecurities. Unfortunately some people have a hard time raising themselves to greatness through their own efforts, they have to knock others down so it appears like they are moving higher, when in truth they lead a life of stagnation. I’m sure you have seen some of these people at you high school reunions, they never really amounted to anything because they never made the effort to offer real value.

Lastly if you are ever in a situation where you are about to degrade someone, know in your mind that when you do such a thing it is no different than if you took a knife and rammed it into their heart. Our begging is two tiny cells, our end is dust, who are we to think we are better than someone else, why do we think it is OK to degrade someone because they are different then us.

We are all great.

And all I wanted to do was test a title…

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