I Am Me. You Are You.

Sometimes you can have the greatest epiphany form the most simple awareness.

I was playing my daily squash game and things were just sucking, I just could not get my head in the game, focus was non-existent.

I started to reflect on why this was so. Then it hit me (no not the ball), I was not having the strongest business day, sales were slow on my Iron on Label Site and a option trade that I had in play was not moving in my favor, and this was affecting my overall mood.

At was beginning to get frustrated at my self for being so affected by money and then is suddenly dawned on me, “I am not my stock”, “I am not my money”.

See what I’m saying, pretty simple awareness here, but the impact was so profound.

It is very difficult to figure out who we really are. Though that topic takes a whole post, in a nutshell almost and soon to be every part of your body can be replaced, so your body is not you, take away your job, family and possessions and you are still you, whoever that you might be.

But to figure out who we are not is so much easier.

You are not;

your money

your job

your physical abilities

a blogger

a marketer

the list just goes on and on.

The beauty of this awareness is that when you have a setback in one of these areas you can remove the you from the picture. You might lose your job, but you didn’t lose you, “You are not your job”.

I don’t know if this will have the same impact on you, but I find the concept quite freeing. It means I can be less effected and attached to outcomes.

At the end of the day YOU are always you, you are not defined by your environment, but you are realized by how you respond to that environment (I like that).

I am

Rob Moshe Tzvi

Who Are You??

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