How To Be A Prostitute Farmer?

After dropping my little guy off to Kindergarten today, I was driving past a local high school and saw a sight that I found sad and pathetic. There were three girls walking out of the school. One of them prob ably 16-18 years old was walking with her jacket fully open (it was minus 10 degrees outside) wearing a high cut shirt, that was very exposing and a shirt to match. At that moment two thoughts came to mind. Either the girl was just plain stupid, or she was a hooker / prostitute in training.

What are these parents thinking?

“Oh Billy. This is one of our proudest moments, we have gotten rid of Trixi’s ability to think and she is finaly ready to sell herself for sex. Why just last night she said to me “Mama you’re right, protection really is a waste of time”

And now for some tips on how to cultivate quality prostitutes
Now for full effectiveness I reccomend starting young.

  • Plaster the walls of your newborn prostitutes room with sexually explicit pictures. It’s important to have her focus on what is important. If you are an underage parent you can just buy one of those teen magazines, they already are trying to help you.
  • Only have books in the house that sexually stimulating. It is important that you don’t have any ethical or philosophical or moral books, this will just cause thinking and could damage your crop.

As your daughter reaches puberty and begins to develop, make sure you dress her in a manner that will cause older men to stare at her body and have in appropriate thougts. When you dress your slut, maybe ask the neighbor to come buy. If he spends more then a second looking at her face you know that she is not dressed properly. You want to make sure that during conversation he is spending 99% of his time looking at her exposed body parts.

Make sure to throw your little lady a “loose your virginity party”, if you have done your job well this should happen by age 14. This is a very important step, you want her to be proud of her accomplishments, and be motivated to achieve more.

Create a reward system.

For every 5 new men she sleeps with per month you can get her a Brittany Spears DVD. This has to be paying customers though, her highschool classmates and frebies dont count. Though if she sleeps with the football team and brings home two victory rings then you might want to have a small celebration.

I could have made more obscene suggestions but I don’t use certain language, and don’t really like to take my thoughts in that direction.

Now I hope you realize I am joking, but parents COME ON. What sort of daughter are you growing?

Here are some things to reflect on.

What is my daughter reading?

What is my daughter watching?

What is my daughter talking about with her friends? (No. They don’t have the right to keep everything they do private)

When I encourage her to dress a certain way. Where will people be looking when they interact with her?

What values am I instilling in her?

Is it all about the way she looks or am I developing her mind?

Who are her role models?

After you have gone through these questions, go through them again but this time put “you” in the questions instead of your daughter.

I don’t think any loving parent wants their daughter to be a sex object. But the reality is girls are looking more and more like sex objects everyday. The average age for kids to have sex now is 14.

Life has gotten busy and we are spending way to much time on autopilot, letting media and advertising set our social standards.

Hit the stop button. Wake up to what is happening in your world, its becoming empty and meaningless.

Pay attention to what your children are watching and doing. You are their greatest role model and they look up to you.

Help them acheive greatness.

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