Who Googled Me ?

His ego is so big, he thinks he’s…

Surfing for some content ideas on Google Trends, I noticed that a popular search phrase was ‘who googled me’.

We always worry about what others think of us, we are often paralyzed with fear that someone noticed our mishaps, our imperfections. But google shows us the truth. Nobody is paying attention to you, they are busy paying attention to themselves. Have you googled your name yet? If you haven’t yet, you will before the hour is out. don’t for get the quotations around you “name”, this gives you a more precise search. But our self centeredness doesn’t end there, soon we begin to do name searches on our friends. No, not to spy on them, find out what others are saying, but to see if we show up more times than them. And the truth is we don’t even care what others are saying about us online, we just want to have lots of search “Results”.

So you see there is nothing to fear, everybody is paying attention to themselves, they are far to busy to see your imperfections.

If you have character traits that need fixing this is good news, nobody is watching, so either you need not bother fixing them, or you have an opportunity to work on them before they do get noticed.

If you decide to leave those not to shiny character traits as is, this could be bad news if the internet ever crashed for an extended period of time. Then many eyes might turn towards you.

But don’t worry. What are the odds of the internet crashing.







You never know…..

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