Destruction. Pining For Growth.

I was reading on Wikipedia about the reproduction of pine trees (yes I need to get out more). Two types of pine cones from the Monterey Pine, and Pond Pine are only able to release their seeds when exposed to great heat (ie. forest fires).

“the seeds are stored in closed (“serotinous”) cones for many years until a forest fire kills the parent tree; the
cones are also opened by the heat and the stored seeds are then released in huge numbers, the seeds burst out to re-populate the burnt ground.”

In fact most seeds have to decompose in the ground before they can begin to grow. If you drive by a farm you will often see a part of the field being burned, this is done to revive the earth. Again potential growth through destruction. In order for a car to move the fuel has to be ignited, the resulting explosion, moves the pistons causing the wheels to turn and the car to move forward. Are you seeing a pattern.

It is often at our lowest moments, when we have been beaten down, and there seems to be little hope of recovery, that the seeds of growth are planted.

Though it would be foolish to hope for destruction in our life, when it does happen, realize that in that disaster there is a great opportunity for growth. Use the fire of that experience to burst forth and realize your greatest potential.

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