Learning Self Expression From A 16 Year Old.

I came across Tim Johansson’s blog Timblog through the ProBlogger Writing Project. Well designed and true insight into the mind of a not so average 16 year old. Tim focuses on some of the standard teenage interests; School, music, games and technology, but he also writes poetry (haikus), and one thing that I found particularly unique, Tim journals his dreams. He also puts the song he is listening to when he types his post. I wonder if this helps to fuel his ideas?
I especially like the idea of Dream Journaling, our dreams are a way to realize our subconscious thoughts, by remembering them and reflecting on them we have the opportunity for incredible self growth.
One of his Poems that I like is Haiku #11: Dreams
In life and in blogging, we enhance ourselves if we find multiple ways to express our selves. We can also benefit immensely by journaling our thoughts and dreams. To know yourself is to be one step closer to peacefulness.

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