16. “If I was a moron, this is how I would look.”

I can’t help but comment on the recent money grab by OJ Simpson, with his book “If I did it , Here’s how it happened”. Back when Simpson was “considered” to be a star, I remember reading the story of his rise to fame. From spending ages three to five in leg braces because he had rickets, to being involved and arrested for gang affiliations, he cleaned himself up and became one of the greatest running backs in football. After he retired from football he went on to what some would consider (not I) a great acting career. Then on that fateful day in 1994 with the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, his glory days ended. Though many people feel that OJ was guilty, he was acquitted in 1995.

Over the years, though fallen from glory he keeps popping up on the news, most recently with this intended book.

The man has no moral back bone. He has continually tried to profit of the murder of two human beings. I find it disgusting that the public validates him by continually giving him media attention. I think we should forget about him, and let him get a minimum wage job where he is referred to as Orenthal.

In everything there is a lesson, even in the “Not So Newsworthy”. We continually make the mistake that, a successful athlete or actor equals a positive role model. We often here stories about the immoral and unethical lives these people lead, but because they win a trophy their opinions matter.

OJ Simpson a onetime football star and successful actor. In the end a moron

One of the main troubles with modern civilization is that we so often mistake respectability for character – Anon

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