Steve Irwin. Why can’t they see the postive for now.

To be honest, until today I had never heard of Steve Irwin. But when you hear Crocodile Hunter, it brings back memories of Crocodile Dundee, and then you hear killed by a sting ray, and you just have to check out the story. I was on the yahoo ABC news website and I was watching a newscast discussing the incident. They talked about who Steve Irwin was, what he did and how the incident happened. But then they did something that bugged me, they began to have a report on why people do crazy over the edge things. Why did they have to discuss that right away, could they not take a moment to appreciate the loss that his family must be feeling. If they happen to be watching the news at the time, do they really want to be told that the person in their life was crazy thrill seeker, who craved the pleasure experienced when dopamine was released in his brain? I was reading some posts about Steve Irwin and there were many thoughtful and heartfelt words. I think that this may be one of the greater benefits of the blogosphere. That news is being delivered with heart. Maybe its time that the networks learned that the world won’t survive on sensationalism and the mighty dollar.

The world also needs Heart.

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